The virtual work environment has replaced the physical workplace, and suddenly leaders and teams at every level need to lead remotely. This results in meetings that are:





  • The virtual format is compounding skill deficits in effective meeting facilitation
  • Meetings have very low interpersonal connection
  • Poor engagement is leading to low productivity and sub-optimal business results


For years, our dynamic in-person programs have helped leaders to facilitate masterfully across different industries and businesses. Our Virtual Facilitators Studio is designed to overcome the unique challenges faced by virtual facilitators today and teach them to become facilitation virtuosos.

Participants will learn proven virtual facilitation techniques and engagement strategies from the theatre, to increase participation and dramatically improve the outcome of each meeting.

The result is meetings that are:




The impact of our Virtual Facilitators Studio rivals in-person sessions by revolutionizing the virtual corporate experience.

facilitators studio Clients

Partial List

Casting Call book by Barry Shapiro

The art of engagement from the theatre, applied to the science of the virtual work environment.

Based on the acclaimed book Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate Americathe role of the extraordinary facilitator



Coaching Session 1
Goals & Objectives

Aug 2021


Group Facilitation
The Science

Aug 23, 2021


Coaching Session 2

Sept 2021


Group Facilitation
The Art

Sept 27, 2021


Coaching Session 3

Oct 2021

*Our staff will observe you deliver a session live back at work and then provide you a customized one-hour coaching session


Our Mission: "The world’s problems will be solved through effectively facilitated conversations."


  • Effectively prepare for a virtual session by using the theatre practice of G.O.T.E.™
  • Use the Facilitated Opening technique to immediately engage your audience
  • Practice the Self/Scene Scan ™ process to generate energy in your meeting
  • Leverage technology to create a dynamic experience for your participants through virtual breakout rooms, screen share, polls, whiteboards and video


  • Become certified in the practice of Facilitation Aikido ™ to work effectively with difficult participants
  • Create the optimal group dynamics for learning and collaboration through the L.I.F.T. ™ framework
  • Partner with a studio coach to observe your live video session back at work
  • Receive a customized coaching session to enhance your existing skills


  • 90-day Intensive certification
  • Workshops
  • Observation
  • Coaching
  • Assessment
  • Access to virtual skills resource Library


  • Discounts available for companies purchasing several tickets
  • Limited to 8 participants per class

We use Zoom video platform. All skills taught are translatable to other platforms, including Adobe Connect, Microsoft teams, WebEx, Google Meet, and others.

Our Team

We have decades of experience in facilitation, consulting and coaching within a broad range of industries and organizational structures. We merge our business expertise with the art of the theatre to create dynamic, one-of-a-kind facilitation certification experiences which enable better business results.


Barry Shapiro


Barry Shapiro is an executive coach and master group facilitator in both the brick and mortar and virtual corporate worlds. He is a professional actor and musician in the creative realm. Barry spent the first part of his career working within the walls of medical treatment facilities and the second part of his career working within the walls of Corporate America, Europe, India, and Asia. Over the past 20 years, Barry has worked with executives throughout the technology, oil and gas, finance, government, food and beverage, and healthcare industries, among many others. Executives partner with Barry to revolutionize the way they communicate, lead and develop their people. As a Master Facilitator, Barry designs and leads customized group sessions, grounded in organizational data and targeted leadership interviews, to develop higher performing teams. The Facilitators Studio certifications are based on the principles from his book, Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America, the role of the group facilitator. Barry’s partial client list includes Oracle, Lockheed Martin, ESPN, Applied Materials and CU Boulder.

Kristine Ryan


Kris has over two decades of experience as an Instructional Designer and Performance Technologist. She approaches life and work with curiosity, enthusiasm and energy. She focuses her passion for learning and development on uncovering performance needs and partnering with clients to develop creative, pragmatic and active in-person and virtual learning environments. Kris consults with clients throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. She develops and implements competency-based curricula for clients in a variety of industries. Kris develops and teaches management development courses in leadership, facilitation skills, team management, educational methodology, instructor skills, presentation skills, and coaching. She also serves as a process and content coach in goal-based scenario and simulation-based training programs. In addition to developing and delivering performance-based instruction, Kris facilitates meetings for clients using a variety of structured processes to generate solutions, solve problems and build consensus. She also serves as a coach, working one-on-one with executives to enhance their interpersonal effectiveness skills.

Master Facilitators

Hilary Blair

Creative director

Hilary Blair trains high achievers craving honest feedback to reach the next level in business and/or life. She teaches Executives to move beyond communication habits and uncover what is unique and authentic in each individual. She will explore how you are seen and how you wish to be seen and provide techniques to change your approach and elevate your video presence. Her unique white board technique will guide your discovery of communication situations, goals and challenges. After this analysis she will provide you techniques to use your body and breadth to align your voice and goals to land your message in virtual settings.

James Davis

cast member

Leaders and organizations partner with James to evoke authentic, collaborative and meaningful transformation. James’ unique approach to coaching and organization development is person-centered. He partner’s closely with the leader to learn the needs and wants of both the leader and the organization by identifying alignment and mis-alignment in order to build a plan that is inspiring, objective and drives results. James’ approach has often been compared to the Trojan Horse – he is able to quickly build alliance and establish a high-level of trust and respect in order to uncover the unique challenges, synthesize IQ and EQ and guide the leader into taking authentic, intentional and powerful action in virtual settings.


cast member

Lois is engaged by clients who are looking to become even more exceptional at what they do. While keeping C-Level executives’ greatest concerns in the foreground (sustained and steady top-line profitable growth, consistent execution of strategy, client/customer/patient satisfaction and retention, speed, flexibility and adaptability to change), Lois works in the background to ensure that noble purpose, vision and strategy are clearly formed and articulated throughout the organization. She also ensures that sound principles and efficient processes are put in to place and that the talent in the organization has the tools and resources to thrive in their respective performance areas – always putting their strengths to work in virtual settings.

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what our clients ARE sayING

Overall, outstanding workshop. Excellently facilitated, objectives met and I got what I came for. I felt challenged, inspired and felt safe to go beyond where I've been stopped previously. Bravo :)



Fabulous workshop! You made the information very tangible for those of us needing enhancements in our facilitation skills.

Nurse Family Partnership


Well-structured facilitation training, which allowed for gradual, step-by-step learning – yet was adapted to the needs of our group.

Rebound Specialists


Loved this! Very helpful, real-world role play/practice was so effective! Extremely valuable in my professional and personal life!

Bank of America


Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your facilitation chops!

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Custom Training and Coaching Available

Our team designs custom virtual facilitation training and coaching. You can schedule a complimentary consultation below.

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