About the Workshop


Welcome to the Facilitators Studio!

What is the Facilitators Studio?

Based on the book, Casting Call in the Theatre of Corporate America, the role of the extraordinary facilitator.

The Facilitators Studio is an intensive three-day Facilitator Certification Workshop, targeted for internal and external consultants in corporate settings.  This highly interactive workshop teaches a revolutionary way to improve organizational results and culture from within group settings.


Benefits to the Facilitator:

  •  SKILL: Learn how to use improvisational structures to dramatically increase audience engagement
  • HEALTH: Enable groups to deal quickly and effectively with their  unspoken issues
  • IMPACT: Get groups unstuck to deal with the unspoken, real issues



 Benefits to the Organization:

  • COST: Eliminate hundred of hours of unproductive meetings and working sessions
  • CULTURE: Drive out fear and intimidation and replace with innovation and empowerment
  • RESULTS: Institute competency-driven metrics to improve team and organizational performance


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The role of the extraordinary facilitator

The role of the extraordinary facilitator